Monday, 22 March 2010

Redbridge Beijing Partnership Visit - 2010

Good morning all.  It's 6.30 am on Tue 23 March and I can see a lovely sun coming up through the buildings so sand storm over!!
Last night we went out to a restaurant which was lovely - lots of different dishes - some like Chinese at home but other dishes that you would only get here - including a hugh fish which everyone prods with their chopsticks. 
Our chopstick skills are advancing - attainment target is to eat peas one at a time without landing onto lap or floor.  Some of us are obviously in the G&T group and might even exceed all expectations but others really do need some support and maybe even differentiated materials although they might get hungry.
We then went for a walk in Tiananmen Square - saw the entrance to the Forbidden City with its hugh picture of Chairman Mao.  Also lots of soldiers either running in unison or marching or just walking up and down.  Of course Tiananmen Square is a sensitive area so there is always a high military presence - totally non-threatening but just there.
Then back to hotel but before falling into bed in almost a coma due to a complete lack of anything resembling sleep since Sunday 6.00 am we were all uploading images and text onto Fronter.
Must stop now as breakfast at 7.00 am - meeting at 8.00 am - this is hard work!!!
Annette Carlon
Redbridge Secondary ICT Consultant

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