Sunday, 17 June 2007

Redbridge Conference Pictures

For all those of you who are viewing this blog in school, you may have difficuly viewing the flickr embedded pictures in the sidebar.
Therefore I have posted some below:

Friday, 15 June 2007

At the end of a very busy but very stimulating day I asked you:
What will you take away with you from today's conference?
Here are a selection of comments:

sandra said...
Wow, so much to take in.

14 June 2007 16:29
sandra said...
Alan was truly fantastic. So many ideas to take away. I have known for a while that we needed to teach children to critically evaluate the content that they use. But the question for me has always been how? Now I have several ideas which I can apply straight to the classroom. Practical ways to make my children think about where the information that they use comes from. Some of the issues raised today were quite scary, such as the upcoming software able to search face and voice patterns as well as the privacy issues which we open ourselves up for when we upload content. We feel in control of personal pages and can edit and delete them as we see fit. With that power is no longer ours. Overall a wonderful morning, which left me with many answers and yet so many more questions. Thank you for arranging for Alan to speak at the conference

14 June 2007 16:39
Nic Hughes said...
Hi there - I've said it all on my blog check it out. BLOGWow is all I can say though
14 June 2007 20:39
Gary Jelks said...
I thought Alan was mind blowing.I have however, put in steps to block
15 June 2007 09:26

Anonymous said...
A fantastic day!! I came away inspired by both speakers. Alan has left my brain spinning in a positive way. I have learnt important things about the Internet that previously I had not been aware of, when reflecting on the day some of the information he shared appear obvious, how old is the site? who published it? although I had no idea of how to find this information out, his comparison with a library and the stone age really helped me realise the implications for our teaching and learning in the future. "The right tools for the job in hand" springs to mind, I have to ensure the children gain a good understanding of the importance of this sentence and can use appropriate critical thinking skills when using the technology. I have already put a "searching the net" display up with many though provoking questions for the children to think about.
21 June 2007 14:48

Alan November - Inspirational

Nic Hughes writes
I could do a very long blog on the whole session... and I will but on my own blog :) Check it out. Alan truly inspired me. I bought his book and today I set up a Poem Blog for my English set, and today in class they where posting their poems.
Check it out and leave my kids some comments. Lets use "anonymity for good." Nic Hughes - Nightingale Primary School