Saturday, 30 May 2009

Google Competition

Are you looking for a great cross- curricular project to involve your class in over the next few weeks?. Why not take part in the 'My Hero-Doodle for Google contest'. The competition is open to children from 5-16, who attend school in the UK.

To enter children need to draw a google doodle, or to put it another way a google logo, which if it wins will appear on the google home- page for a day!. Winners will also get a trip to California, which is a bigger prize than the Redbridge Film Competition!!. The theme this year is heroes and all the information, including lesson plans and templates of the original logo, can be found on the links below. I know that some Redbridge schools have been involved in this before and I am keen to showcase any entries from across the borough, winners or losers, so if you enter, do send some images to me too

This year the Google Education Team has partnered with Next Generation Learning to award a special prize to a winning entry that is done purely on a computer.

Full information here

Register your school (by 30th June here)

Lesson Plans here

Judging and Prize Details here

Here are some Google Doodles to inspire you:

Here is the man that normally does those great doodles for Google during holidays and special occasions, Dennis Hwang.

(as usual this film will only play on Redbridge school networks that allow Youtube- Doh!!)

Monday, 11 May 2009

Managing Your Media- for parents

Thank you to Safetynet for the following Information;

To support Adult Learners' Week<> (9-15 May) Ofcom has today published the first in a series of Managing Your Media guides designed to promote media literacy across the UK.

Available as a video and downloadable guide, this resource is intended to show parents and guardians how to use parental controls and filters to manage their children's access to digital TV and internet content. The guide also encourages parents and guardians to talk to their children about what they do on the internet and how to use it safely.

Ofcom research found that 57 per cent of children aged 8-15 mostly watch TV without an adult in the room. Similarly, half of all children aged 8-11 and two-thirds of those aged 12-15 mostly use the internet without an adult present.

The video and guide can be found at

This may be a link to add to your Fronter parents area/ blog or website

Friday, 8 May 2009

Stories with a Twist

Inviting all KS1 classes via JVCS – Parkhill Junior School – Redbridge offer you a Video Conference session with a twist!

Stories with a Twist -This is a collaborative VC session aimed at supporting Speaking and Listening skills in Literacy at KS1. A group of year 6 children at Parkhill have written stories "with a twist". The VC session lasts for approximately 20 minutes. This will involve the children from Parkhill reading two stories and answering questions from their KS1 audience. This will be followed by the participating school performing 2 charades based on Nursery Rhymes or Stories for the Parkhill children to guess. Dates available:- 20 minute Wednesday morning sessions on:

20th May 2009.

10th June 2009,

17th June 2009,

24th June 2009.

1st July 2009,

8th July 2009.

Parkhill Junior School will set up a joint Blog for both schools to publish the work and to add comments to. Click here to see an example:-

Joining Instructions:

For more information please contact Alison Seagrave, ICT Curriculum Development Manager, Parkhill Junior School. Tel: 020 8550 5253. email:

Or go to and request to join this opportunity.