Sunday, 30 March 2008

Redbridge ICT Conference

Redbridge ICT Conference 08
21st Century Learning

Date: Monday 19th May 2008
Time: 8:45am – 2:45pm
Venue: The Redbridge Teachers’ Centre
Course Providers: Redbridge ICT Team

We are pleased to welcome two prestigious speakers to our conference this year. This popular event is always an inspiration for Headteachers, ICT Coordinators and anyone with an interest in ICT.

Our Two speakers on the day are:

Ewan McIntosh

Ewan helps people understand how emerging technologies such as social media, mobile ubiquitous computers and gaming can help them learn better, work better and live better.

He is the National Adviser on Learning and Technology Futures for Learning and Teaching, Scotland, the education agency responsible for curriculum development, and a member of the Channel 4 Media Advisory Board.
Ewan also consults for organisations including the BBC, the Open University, the British Council, the General Teaching Council of Scotland and teacher unions, RM and Scottish Enterprise, advising on how social media can be harnessed to improve learning in the fields of organisation, leadership & communication.

Karl Hopwood

Karl was head teacher of Semley Primary School until December 2007 and has been a Head teacher for 8 years. He has been involved with internet safety projects with Becta for a number of years now and worked on the initial pilot of the internet proficiency pack. E-safety had a high priority in the school and Karl has run a number of successful workshops for parents and children on this subject. He works with the local authority in Wiltshire to develop guidance materials relating to school and home Internet safety. Karl is now an independent e-safety consultant and is currently supporting Childnet International as one of their trustees. His work involves creating best practice and policy about developing e-safety guidance, and he has given presentations at a number of national and international events including the Innovative Teacher’s Forum and more recently at the Young People in the Internet and Mobile Age conference in Cairo. Karl is working for a number of different organisations now including Becta, CEOP and The South West Grid for Learning.
During the afternoon, delegates will have the opportunity to view examples of good practice In ICT from our Schools

To register please log onto:
Any queries about this event please email
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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Teachmeet 08 East North East London

It's now official Teachmeet 08 is live. If you don't know what this is then read on and have a look at the video below for a taste of what Teachmeet 08 at Bett was like.
The basic idea behind this 'unconference' is that anyone from education can speak about what they are doing in their classrooms. All the presentations are a maximum of 7 minutes (a micro presentation) or 2 minutes (a nano presentation).
This is open to anyone who is in the area on the 19th May. To register either as a speaker, or a lurker (someone who is just watching) click on the link above and follow the instructions. As of this post there are already 7 speakers and 2 lurkers.
So start thinking and start contributing to this exciting and engaging event.
See you all there on the 19th May :o)

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Leading ICT Teachers Go Blogging

Today we investigated and evaluated the numerous blogging tools available to schools.

We discussed and explored applications across the curriculum. During the morning we investigated how to embed content, such as google maps, BBC Interactive Activities and video to enhance children's learning by making it more purposeful.

After great debate and evaluation for fitness for purpose, we recommend that Blogger provide the best functionality and intuitive interface. However we recommend that you read the help sheets before attempting to blog.

We have produced guidance on How to Blog and Why you should blog in the first place.

Follow the links below for the finished blog - which is ideal for INSET use. It includes easy to use help sheets.

How to... by Leading Teachers

BBC Activity

Google Map

View Larger Map

Monday, 17 March 2008

Pupils to start day with Nintendo Brain Training - Telegraph

Thanks to Nicholas for posting on Games and learning. It seems this is a very pertinent issue right now and as a result the media are picking it up. Gary passed on an article he read in the Telegraph below:

Pupils to start day with Nintendo Brain Training - Telegraph

I also caught the following in the Times

After assembly, switch on your Nintendo - Times Online

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Games Based Learning

Not sure how many people caught this.
Its interviews on the BBC with Derek Robinson about the Consolarium project and the Nintendo DS. Its national news it seems as now after the inital trail the Scotish Goverment are now rolling it out on a larger scale in 16 schools.

We are currently creating a small test bed project of our own in Redbridge.

Its a shame that both the opponants to Derek didn't seem to understand the point of the DS.

Derek himself says that its its 'Good Teachers use good resources." Its about getting children switched on to learning. The DS and games in general can allow teachers to open doors to learning and achivement.

Check them out - what do you think?

We'd love to hear your commments.

More information can be found here.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Redbridge ICT Conference - 21st Century Learning

The Redbridge ICT Conference is coming soon on the 19th May 2008.

The theme will be 21st Century Learning.

The Keynote speakers are:

Ewan Mackintosh - who will be discussing 21st Technology in schools.

Karl Hopwood (TBC) - who will be talking about E-Safety

Along with these inspirational speakers there will be opportunities to look at good practice from primary and secondary schools throughout the borough.

You can book now at

See you then.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

CPD @ the PDC

We (Nicholas, Gary, Peter and I ) are constantly looking to improve the courses we run at the teachers Centre. I have found that some courses have had less than 8 delegates and this is a shame when the quality of some of our outside provider courses has been excellent.

As I begin to put together the course list for 08/09, I have asked you to tell me what you think of our courses, what your ICT priorities are and whether there were any courses that we could deliver that we are not delivering.

Check your email for a link to the Google form and watch this space for updates, but already I am observing some interesting feedback.

For instance under ICT priorities, the following have come up:

  • multimedia
  • learning platforms
  • cross-curricular ICT
  • Embedding ICT across the curriculum
  • Improving use of whiteboards
  • 'Curriculum ICT' priorities- Control and Web 2.0
  • improve teaching and learning
  • Making Anytime Anywhere Learning a reality. Want to expand the school network. Want to include extensive use of digital media in learning. Updating the skills and ICT usage of staff.
  • To use innovation in ICT, update schemes of work and ensure that every child's potential for ICT is realised
  • Animations
  • Control
  • ICT scheme of work, ICT and the 'renewed frameworks'
I am saddened to read from some entrants that they did not know what was available, and encouraged to read that some of our courses were inspirational.

Upon further reflection I also think that, perhaps the killer question that I omitted was :

Has the central CPD had any impact on your Teaching and your childrens' learning?

Do get involved and don't forget the Facebook group: