Thursday, 24 June 2010

Getting Fronter ready for the end of the school year

During the summer term a number of schools will be in the process of updating their MIS system to prepare for the next academic year. To ensure that the Fronter MLE does not reflect those changes in advance of September, Fronter strongly advise disabling the import of data until such time as a school wishes their next year’s rooms to be created.

Fronter issue guidelines directly to every school explaining sensible steps to ensure the correct data is being used, and to ensure that teaching resources are not lost and ready for next year. It is, in many ways, a digital equivalent of organising your classroom for next year.

In Redbridge there are several opportunities to get support on this procedure.
  1. At the 7th July Fronter Hands-On training session there will be a 30 minute workshop for teachers relating to end of year (EOY) procedures.
  2. On the 21st July there is a EOY workshop for Fronter Administrators to attend. The workshop will be run 3 times to enable administrators to attend at either 8:30am, 11am or 1:30pm. Book on at the website.

Alternatively please email Tina Pennells in order to request an additional copy of Fronter's EOY advice sheet.

Alex Rees

Thursday, 10 June 2010

One week to take part in the big consultation

The Redbridge 2010 eSafety Survey

"The rapid growth of the internet and a wide range of personal communication technologies is both exciting in their potential use for building learning and community networking opportunities and concerning in the myriad of new ways for our children to encounter new dangers. Children and young people need to be protected from these risks where possible and need to be educated and supported to develop the skills to keep themselves safe when using technology."

These lines are taken from the opening paragraph of the recently released Redbridge eSafety strategy. The child protection staff within your schools have been briefed on the strategy, the Local Safeguarding Children's Board have endorsed it and set up an eSafety sub-group to action it and all Head Teachers will receive a briefing on the 30th June. As the strategy is enacted there are many things the borough's eSafety team will provide to ensure your school is meeting or exceeding the safeguarding expectation.

Initially we would like you to get involved in the following: The Redbridge 2010 eSafety Survey

The Redbridge eSafety team would like to have a true snapshot of the eSafety landscape here in Redbridge. We would also like to provide for you an outline of the eSafety landscape within your school. An online survey has been set up which we would like at least one class from each key stage from each school to complete. Please email me directly to get access to the survey.

It is intended that students from Key Stage 2 upwards complete the survey although you may want to support younger children to complete it too. It takes about 7-10 minutes to complete, although younger children may take longer. You may like to use it at the beginning or the end of an ICT or PSHE lesson and it will undoubtedly stimulate some interesting discussions.

We will feed back to you the results summarised across the borough and also individually for your school. To do this we would like all surveys to be completed by the end of the school day on the 18th June. Obviously the more children you get involved from your school the more accurate a statistical picture you will have. The immediate results of this survey we will outline back to schools by the end of the month, and a more detailed analysis for your school will be sent to your school by the end of the term.

Thank you very much for getting your students involved in this initiative. We look forward to serve you pragmatically and effectively in ensuring our children across Redbridge are kept safe online.

Alex Rees

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Primary ICT Subject Leaders - Friday 25th June

New subject leaders is approaching on Friday 25th of June.

We hope that if you haven't already booked on via PDC, you will do now.

ICT Subject Leaders is for just then morning session again, but we have worked hard to provide some extra opportunities in the afternoon that you will have a choice of.


  • Welcome and News

  • Key theme: Assessment - We will spend on final session looking at this issue and tie it back into what ICT assessment should be based on the NEW Becta Self Review Framework Guidelines. I would be great if you could bring along once again some example of the assessment work you have done with your children.

  • Resource Gateway - New opportunities for Fronter Resources

  • Project Feedback from the Redbridge Games Network

  • Improving your school

  • Training Experience - A whirlwind of ideas of how to use ICT outside the classroom.

  • New from the floor

In the afternoon after ICT subject leaders finishes you will have three opportunities.

1. EducationCity will be running a training session on how to use this resource effectively, as well as explaining some of the new features. (This was requested by a number of schools) You need to email to state if you would like to attend. This way EducationCity can prepare packs. They will be covering :-

  • effectively navigate through the product & find relevant activities quickly

  • use key features of the resource relevant to your key stage, such as Topic Tools

  • use tests and Revision Pathways

  • plan differentiated lessons to support personalised learning goals

  • monitor whole class and individual children’s progress in SuccessTracker

  • use advanced feature management e.g. Setting a myCity

If there is anything else you would like covered either email me and I'll pass this on to the Trainer.

2. Has your school shown a commitment to ICT? Do you want recognition for the work you have done on ICT? We will be running a session where you can work in a stress free environment to develop your schools response to the Becta Self Review Framework. The new changes to the SRF will be explained and a ICT Mark assessor will be on hand.

3. Go back to school. - Where you will miss out on all the opportunities the above sessions give.


1. Bring a charged laptop, though there will be a limited amount to borrow.

2. Some examples of ICT assessment that you have done.

We look forward to seeing you on the 25th.

Nic and Alex.

Monday, 7 June 2010

LGFL Annual Secondary and SEN Awards

The London Grid for Learning Annual Secondary and SEN
Conference Awards –

The 2010 LGfL Schools’ Conference Awards for Secondary and SEN celebrate best practice and innovative approaches in using the wide range of learning resources and services provided through LGfL. This year students and staff can collaborate to make a 2 -5 minute video outlining the good practice that is going on in your school.

There are two categories of awards:
A) Use of the Fronter London MLE to enhance teaching and learning and/or raise attainment and/or promote community cohesion
Sub categories: Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, 14-19, PRU, SEN, Use of Webfronter, General

B) Use of LGfL resources or services to enhance teaching and learning and/or raise attainment and/or promote community cohesion (more information about LGfL services can be found at
Sub categories: Podcasting, Videocentral, Video Conferencing, Use of LGfL Premium Content, London Plan, Weather Stations, London Mail, Other, General

Overall winners in each category will receive an engraved plaque, an LGfL ‘excellence’ logo, and a Visualiser worth £250. Runners up will receive a certificate, an LGfL logo and a high quality Microphone worth £50.

Your entry should ideally be in Video format, be between 2 and 5 minutes long, and should be
uploaded to Video Central via You will need a USO or Fronter account to log-in.

Your entry should contain some information about:
• An overview of the school
• What you did
• How you did it
• Strategies you used for success
• Impact of what you did (include evidence where possible)

This year, staff may if they wish involve and collaborate with students. In the case of an entry from a student or students on behalf of their school, this information can be presented from a students’ perspective. (A support video for staff and students is available at

All entries must be received by Monday 14th June 2010

Winners and runners up will be announced during the LGfL Schools’ Conference for Secondary and SEN at the Emirates Stadium on Monday 5th July 2010.
(For booking details and further information regarding this event please go to