Thursday, 24 June 2010

Getting Fronter ready for the end of the school year

During the summer term a number of schools will be in the process of updating their MIS system to prepare for the next academic year. To ensure that the Fronter MLE does not reflect those changes in advance of September, Fronter strongly advise disabling the import of data until such time as a school wishes their next year’s rooms to be created.

Fronter issue guidelines directly to every school explaining sensible steps to ensure the correct data is being used, and to ensure that teaching resources are not lost and ready for next year. It is, in many ways, a digital equivalent of organising your classroom for next year.

In Redbridge there are several opportunities to get support on this procedure.
  1. At the 7th July Fronter Hands-On training session there will be a 30 minute workshop for teachers relating to end of year (EOY) procedures.
  2. On the 21st July there is a EOY workshop for Fronter Administrators to attend. The workshop will be run 3 times to enable administrators to attend at either 8:30am, 11am or 1:30pm. Book on at the website.

Alternatively please email Tina Pennells in order to request an additional copy of Fronter's EOY advice sheet.

Alex Rees

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