Friday, 18 July 2008

Visualisers Blog

Thanks to Andrew at William Torbet, who has been plotting the schools' use of Visualsisers over the last term on his blog.There are some good points and lessons learned.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

ICT at Oakdale

It has been a really exciting last term at Oakdale, as many of you know, we were lucky enough to be chosen to have the Ds consoles this term, which has been fantastic. However, coming along to Subject leaders for me this term has been another real and unexpected highlight, finding out what other schools are doing. As a result, we now have a blog, which is developing all the time, children came to the conference and had their own 'un' conference which resulted in the children knowing how to use the digi blues to animate and could therefore show and teach other children! As well as wanting to bring the Robots back to school!
But it has been the whole ICT experience and the sharing that I have enjoyed so much and has given ICT at Oakdale new ideas and inspirations, so I would like to thank one and all!! if you would like to read more about the Ds project and see a short snippet of the animation work, then please take a look at our blog at:
Dawn Hallybone

Self review Framework - cleaner sleeker easier

I was delighted to see the new BECTA Self Review Freamework site, which has had a makeover to make it far easier to use and complete and find the information you need. Furthermore there is also the option to dive in and have a go, without having to sign-up.

In my work I have found the SRF is invaluable as a tool for assessing how good a school, and as an aid in devising an action plan. It is a misconception that the SRF should only be used 'because we're going for the ICT mark'.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

VC in Redbridge - with The National Space Centre

Click this Link to see the Nightingale Primary and their experiences with Video Conferencing this week.

And Click here to see Parkhill Juniors very detailed web page of the event, thank you Alison for the link.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Animation In Fullwood Primary

Over the last Two days, children in Year 5 at Fullwood Primary have been using Digi-Blue cameras and Windows Movie Maker to create simple animations.

Here is how two pupils described the project:

Making a movie

We started making the animated movie yesterday (1/7/08) and it was BRILL!!
It all started when Mrs. Reynolds told us that we were going to make an animated movie with the almighty Mr. Anthony Evans the professional movie/computer programmer. We were extremely excited!

When we were making the movie we were still excited and we were very enthusiastic. The enthusiasm didn’t wear out until the end. Even though we had many difficulties we found a way through it and continued with the movie. After we had taken the pictures, we imported the storyboard to Windows Movie Maker and edited it by putting text in it, credits and others.

These processes took a long time but as you can see the end product was fantastic!