Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Animation In Fullwood Primary

Over the last Two days, children in Year 5 at Fullwood Primary have been using Digi-Blue cameras and Windows Movie Maker to create simple animations.

Here is how two pupils described the project:

Making a movie

We started making the animated movie yesterday (1/7/08) and it was BRILL!!
It all started when Mrs. Reynolds told us that we were going to make an animated movie with the almighty Mr. Anthony Evans the professional movie/computer programmer. We were extremely excited!

When we were making the movie we were still excited and we were very enthusiastic. The enthusiasm didn’t wear out until the end. Even though we had many difficulties we found a way through it and continued with the movie. After we had taken the pictures, we imported the storyboard to Windows Movie Maker and edited it by putting text in it, credits and others.

These processes took a long time but as you can see the end product was fantastic!


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