Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Notebook 10 is now out of BETA and available for download. To legally get the software and drivers you will need to have the serial number of just one board in your establishment. Though pure Promethean schools can buy a license in order to get over this issue. If you can not gain access to your serial number, then the download comes as a 30 day trial. You will remember that Fiona from Steljes showed us some of the great features of 10 when she visited back in February. If you are have forgotten these or want reminding, then click here for a list and demos or visit these videos on YouTube. Aside from the great features of 10 such as Magic Pen, the download also comes with Lesson Activity toolkit.

Please note I would take advice from your IT support company before upgrading to Notebook 10, or as in all good schools, begin with a single machine. Upgrading across the board may throw up technical issues, but it may also flummox some of your less confident staff.