Friday, 19 January 2007

2Paint a PIcture

Andrew Steer, ICT Coordinator @ Christchurch has tried out this new and exciting art package with Year 1 and Foundation stage pupils. These are his thoughts

Have had lots of fun playing around with the program today. Children thoroughly enjoyed using it. The photos are of reception and year1 children. Including some who would often find art fairly difficult and not much fun - they all loved it and produced some really nice stuff.

It Rocks!!!

Wednesday, 3 January 2007


Wanstead Church school, have been using the mixmen digital mixers from Digital Blue. They have been using them with their computer club and found that the children found them particularly engaging.

Here's Zak's comments on the Mixmen . Zak is in Y5 and used the Mixmen in Computer Club.


I thought the digital music mixer was an excellent machine because it is like a DJ and you can switch faders and also scratch sounds. I also think it is good because you can use a warp effect on the music, you can choose the style of the music whether you want House, Techno, Hip hop and a few more. You can choose sounds and record your own music. I like it because it has different settings and I loved the style of the music.

By Zak