Thursday, 10 June 2010

One week to take part in the big consultation

The Redbridge 2010 eSafety Survey

"The rapid growth of the internet and a wide range of personal communication technologies is both exciting in their potential use for building learning and community networking opportunities and concerning in the myriad of new ways for our children to encounter new dangers. Children and young people need to be protected from these risks where possible and need to be educated and supported to develop the skills to keep themselves safe when using technology."

These lines are taken from the opening paragraph of the recently released Redbridge eSafety strategy. The child protection staff within your schools have been briefed on the strategy, the Local Safeguarding Children's Board have endorsed it and set up an eSafety sub-group to action it and all Head Teachers will receive a briefing on the 30th June. As the strategy is enacted there are many things the borough's eSafety team will provide to ensure your school is meeting or exceeding the safeguarding expectation.

Initially we would like you to get involved in the following: The Redbridge 2010 eSafety Survey

The Redbridge eSafety team would like to have a true snapshot of the eSafety landscape here in Redbridge. We would also like to provide for you an outline of the eSafety landscape within your school. An online survey has been set up which we would like at least one class from each key stage from each school to complete. Please email me directly to get access to the survey.

It is intended that students from Key Stage 2 upwards complete the survey although you may want to support younger children to complete it too. It takes about 7-10 minutes to complete, although younger children may take longer. You may like to use it at the beginning or the end of an ICT or PSHE lesson and it will undoubtedly stimulate some interesting discussions.

We will feed back to you the results summarised across the borough and also individually for your school. To do this we would like all surveys to be completed by the end of the school day on the 18th June. Obviously the more children you get involved from your school the more accurate a statistical picture you will have. The immediate results of this survey we will outline back to schools by the end of the month, and a more detailed analysis for your school will be sent to your school by the end of the term.

Thank you very much for getting your students involved in this initiative. We look forward to serve you pragmatically and effectively in ensuring our children across Redbridge are kept safe online.

Alex Rees

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