Tuesday, 11 March 2008

CPD @ the PDC

We (Nicholas, Gary, Peter and I ) are constantly looking to improve the courses we run at the teachers Centre. I have found that some courses have had less than 8 delegates and this is a shame when the quality of some of our outside provider courses has been excellent.

As I begin to put together the course list for 08/09, I have asked you to tell me what you think of our courses, what your ICT priorities are and whether there were any courses that we could deliver that we are not delivering.

Check your email for a link to the Google form and watch this space for updates, but already I am observing some interesting feedback.

For instance under ICT priorities, the following have come up:

  • multimedia
  • learning platforms
  • cross-curricular ICT
  • Embedding ICT across the curriculum
  • Improving use of whiteboards
  • 'Curriculum ICT' priorities- Control and Web 2.0
  • improve teaching and learning
  • Making Anytime Anywhere Learning a reality. Want to expand the school network. Want to include extensive use of digital media in learning. Updating the skills and ICT usage of staff.
  • To use innovation in ICT, update schemes of work and ensure that every child's potential for ICT is realised
  • Animations
  • Control
  • ICT scheme of work, ICT and the 'renewed frameworks'
I am saddened to read from some entrants that they did not know what was available, and encouraged to read that some of our courses were inspirational.

Upon further reflection I also think that, perhaps the killer question that I omitted was :

Has the central CPD had any impact on your Teaching and your childrens' learning?

Do get involved and don't forget the Facebook group:

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