Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Newham is Live and Free

Well done to Ken, Karen and the team @ Newham, their ICT scheme of work is now online and open-source. Many of our schools, our leading teachers and myself have been looking at these resources over the last few months, and we have all been impressed with the detail of the materials and the inclusion of help videos and support documents. There are also teaching materials in the form of brilliantly presented whiteboard files in Activ Primary Format.**

What's more the materials address skills while still basing the units within a themes, so they are both 'teaching the skills' and allowing for 'the cross-curricular'.

Redbridge schools that have Activ-Primary and a dull,wilting ICT scheme work could pick this up of the shelf and use it. Though its is to be remembered that the units are based on Newhams toolkit of Primary software and many of our schools may not have software such as Dazzle.

However a good ICT coordinator could take these post QCA materials as a starting point and fashion them to their school.

***But hang on we don't have Activ Primary - easily solved- either use SMART board software to open th e Activ File (version 10 will do this) or download a free Activ primary Viewer.

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