Sunday, 10 February 2008

Subject Leaders on Thursday

So far, we have five confirmed guests at Subject leaders, this is according to Facebook!!. While Redbridge PDC, tells me there are 26 people confirmed guests. We may have to share PCS, but I'd like to see as many people as possible in S4 when it matters, Thursday 9-4pm.

The agenda looks roughly like this @ the moment:

We will be talking about your involvment with projects- therefore you need to be in it to win it!!

Agenda Provsional:
9:00- Welcome and Updates- Anthony and Nicholas
9:45- Clicker 5- Look what it can do- Anthony
10:45- Coffee and Networking
11:05- Video Conference with the Space Centre
11:45- Fiona Moorehaed Lane- SMART 10
12:15- Lunch
13:00- Unconference session
13:45- Logo -it is a bit hard isn't it?"- Nichola Hughes
14:45- Coffee and networking
15:00- Closing Remwarks - Anthony (including Wikki input)

The part you need to be worried about is the Unconference section, here I'll be expecting everyone in attendance to share something, whether it be a good idea for the ICT lesson, a successful IWB lesson, the rules are anything ICT goes really!!

See you there!!

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