Tuesday, 15 January 2008


The below was a live blog I did, while leading teachers were browsing through the recent OFSTED in schools report.

Since September 2005 Ofsted has selected a total sample of 60 primary and 60 secondary schools for the annual ICT subject survey. Primary schools were visited for one day ...

What is going well?

  • Lots of resources in schools

  • Cross curricular ICT is being used

  • ICT used to raise confidence

  • Impact on EAL

  • iMprovments in Foundation and Key Stage 1- we think this is because therei smore stuff

What needs to be worked on

  • Training of teachers and LSAS

  • Consistent planning for ICT across the curriculum

  • Inconsistency in quality of teaching

  • Key Stage 2 challenge for more able

  • Assessment

What resonates?

Training for staff- there is an issue of time here though- which is why we get the explore lesson - where teachers are learning the software while teaching!!!

Frustrations around people who don't use existing resources

SMT are key for setting high expectations

If teachers have to feedback and are given gap tasks- then the accountability means people are pressured to share.(And often will share)

Quality of leadership- schools need a joint vision

Individuals can not move things on- you need heads involved- more than just going to a meeting!


We feel like we have enough- certainly enough software- we now need to use what we have got well

Podcasting and Blogging

How are people doing this?

Is it in a club or curriculum focused?

Year 1 could blogs- if they are using Honeycomb

Cross curricular!!!!?!?!

Most of the points in the Ofsted report are about more than just discrete ICT

Mentions inclusive vision and developments- gives us permission to innovate- they want to see some vision and being forward thinking......taking risks

Why are you doing it?

Report mentions using ICT to rasie standards!!

"You have got to have the opportunity to fail"- NCSL guy siad this @ BETT lesson form Harvard business school- the DS project might fail.

Don't stretch the child to fit the curriculum- stretch the curriculum to fit the child.

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