Thursday, 3 January 2008

Activ Primary 3

Many schools with Activ Primary are upgrading to version 3.The enhanced features and the ease of use makes this well worth the upgrade. The two key things which standout for me are the flip chart builder and the resources packs.

The flipcahrt builder make creating flipcharts a lot easier and manageable than in previous versions, an there are also some very good templates that are just waiting to be filled with text or images. Images, videos and backgrounds can be added to by downloading and integrating Resource Packs from Promethean planet

Adam @ South Park has complied a very helpful guide for new users of Activ Primary 3 and is particularly suitable for those who have been used to Activ PX. It can be downloaded here or from the side bar.

Other useful links for Activ Primary 3
Useful Top Tips Booklet as complied by users available upon membership of the forum
Top Tips videos from Promethean
Other Training videos from Atomic Learning

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