Thursday, 21 February 2008

Byron Review Competion

Can your children help Tanya Byron to help others stay safe and have fun when using the internet or playing video games?’

Here is an excellent context for both using ICT and discussing issues of E Safety. Tanya Byron, who is conducting a review into the safety of the net and video games, is asking children to write or make a film about being Netsmart or Gamesmart.

What do your children have to do?

'All you have to do is to write half a page (roughly 200 words), make a short video, or draw a picture giving your advice to other children and their parents on how children can stay safe and have fun when surfing the net or playing video games.

What could they win?

'All the winning entries will be presented to the Prime Minister in the final Byron Review report.
Winners will also be invited to London where they will help Dr Byron launch the report to the public at the end of March.'

Closing date: Sunday 2nd March

For further information visit :

Or download the flyer from here:

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