Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Redbridge Beijing Partnership Visit - 2010

Good morning all. It's 6.00 am on Wed 24 March. Yesterday, after a hearty breakfast - you can choose western or Chinese or both (no-one fancied noodles, soup, dumplings etc this morning but I bet tomorrow will be different), we had a brief meeting with the District Official and her team (whom I had last met on videoconference) and then the teachers were taken off to their respective schools by their partner teachers. I then had a variety of meetings with Won Way and various team members.
Visited the Wanstead and Mayfield teachers in School No 125 - they were watching an art lesson at the time and had had a wonderful day starting with watching the morning exercises. Had a meeting with the Head teacher who had visited Loxford School 3 years ago. I explained the progress of the school and their impending move into their new building - he was very interested in all that is going on - we then had the obligatory pictures taken which I will email to him.
Our debriefing meeting at 6.00 pm back in the hotel was very buzzy - everyone had had a great day and were all feeling pretty enthralled. The schools participating in this partnership are Beal, Wanstead, Oaks Park, Mayfield, Snaresbrook and Glade. Lots of lesson observations went on and teachers planned the lessons they will be teaching today and tomorrow.
Took some teachers to the Food Street - they didn't fancy trying scorpions on sticks or seahorses on sticks. Locasts looked juicy and there were also tiny birds with their beaks up in the air - roasted I think. We decided to eat in a conventional restaurant. Had a banquet and spent all of £6 each!
Must stop now - can't be late. Visiting School No 14 today to see Beal and Oaks Park.
Annette Carlon
Redbridge Secondary ICT Consultant

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