Wednesday, 24 March 2010

RE: Redbridge Beijing Partnership Visit - 2010

Good evening all - decided 11.45 pm on 24 March might be easier than 6.00 am tomorrow morning.

This morning was taken up with various meetings which consist of protocols such as much tea drinking, exchange and scrutiny of business cards and polite exchanges of pleasantries before the real business begins.

Visited School No 14 to see teachers from Beal and Oaks Park. Had long and serious discussions with the Vice Principal with a translator including things such as different teaching pedagogies - moving towards active rather than passive learning, creativity and inclusivity, the notion of global citizenship and the challenges of keeping the partnership alive amongst other things. Observed an interesting lesson about global warming and the weather being delivered by an Oaks Park teacher before moving on to other items on the day's agenda.

The evening included a visit to Silk Street market where some serious lessons in bartering took place followed by another meal of banquet proportions for the price of a snack. Chopstick skills are improving and new targets need to be set so that no-one is under achieving or not fulfilling their potential.

Our journey home coincided with a serious sleet shower - the Beijing drainage system didn't cope very well so we tried with varying degrees of success to avoid the huge puddles that appeared very quickly.

Colleagues are busy now uploading to Fronter and putting the final touches to their lesson plans for tomorrow.

Good night

Annette Carlon
Redbridge Secondary ICT Consultant

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