Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Home Access: Latest Information 04

Statistical Update

By March 15th Redbridge has had 701 successful applications for the Home Access Grant. This means that about 1 out of every 6 eligible students has so far successfully applied. This is a really good start but it does show that much more work needs to be done. Nationally 28% of eligible families have successfully applied, whereas here in Redbridge that number is only 17%. Please keep getting the message out to ensure that the Redbridge community has the information to benefit from this grant. If you would like to know your own school's statistics please email me directly.

What's on the inside?

Logging into http://www.homeaccess.org.uk/ gives you access to a range of information sheets and presentations that you can use when raising awareness of this grant. If you are tasked with ensuring your students are not missing out then registering on this site is well worth it.

Case Study Request

The national Home Access team are looking to develop some more case studies of families enjoying the benefit of the Home Access project. If you know that some of the 299 successful applicants are within your school community why not invite them to be involved in a video case study? Contact me directly if you would like further details.

Web-strategy within your school

When students receive their Home Access computer or laptop one of the first things they do (according to the case studies) is go to the school's website. If your school is not yet making use of the web to support teaching and learning then this is an excellent time to start. Get in touch to discuss the different ways the web can support learning within your school community.

Translated literature for parents

We have been given a set of translated information letters for parents who would prefer to find out about the scheme in their own language. This work has been undertaken by the Bristol Extended Services team and they are happy for them to be used by other LAs as long as they are acknowledged.

If you are a Redbridge Fronter user and have access to the following virtual rooms then these letters are available in:

Redbridge Secondary ICT
> KS3 Resources

Redbridge Primary ICT
> Resources > Home Access translations

(You need to be logged into Fronter with pre-agreed access to these rooms for these links to work.)

If you don't have access please email Tina.Pennells@redbridge.gov.uk stating your school name, your role within the school and your Fronter username to gain access or to request specific files.

Any further information about the Home Access Grant please get in touch. There have been several previous entries on this blog which can be accessed by clicking on:


As before, the most important information to get out to parents is the telephone number 0333 200 1004 which should be copied onto school newsletters.

Alex Rees

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