Saturday, 27 March 2010

RE: Redbridge Beijing Partnership Visit - 2010

Final greetings from Beijing - here's my last blog - it's 11.15 pm on Saturday 27 March. I'm packing, emailing, getting rid of bits of paper that one always collects in a hotel room and generally multi-tasking (love that word).

Today the atmosphere was distinctly different - a wave of relief and light-heartedness prevailed. Treat for all the hard work - trip to the Great Wall followed by the past-time that China is known for (apart from food) ie shopping.

Last group meal in a lovely restaurant near the hotel (our legs wouldn't allow us to go further afield having just been climbing) and then final uploading of diaries, images etc and packing.

Everyone has agreed that this trip has been life-changing and thought provoking - a great success. All we need to do now is catch the plane and have a good sleep. We'll have a meeting after Easter to action plan and discuss activities to sustain the links and ensure a legacy.

Best wishes from your blogger in Beijing.

Good night
Annette Carlon
Redbridge Secondary ICT Consultant

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