Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Visualisers - have you tried one?

I have been invited into this blog by Anthony Evans. Anthony and I are currently collaborating on a number of cross-LA ICT projects and ideas between Redbridge and Havering. One of these is video-conferencing, of which I am sure Anthony will tell you more soon.

In Havering, we have been working to develop the use of visualisers in our schools. Above is a recently-created video extolling the virtues of visualisers from the point of view of teachers and pupils.

If you haven't seen a visualiser in action then watch the video above and find out more...

Dave Smith - ICT Consultant
Havering Inspection and Advisory Service


  1. Dave - what a great film! Nice to see some other people on Anthony's blogs - he gets quite obsessive at times!!

  2. I was in a school today where the children were using a visualiser to look @ a text book on screen, what a save on photocopying. Later the children showed their completed work on the whiteboard by placing it under the visualiser.