Thursday, 20 September 2007


Review: Flobot by Sherston Software

Audience:5 to 7 Years Old

Subjects: ICT, Maths and Basic Skills

Main Learning Objectives:
Watch and learn sequence of activities
Choose appropriate responses to overcome obstacles
Control a simulated robot to go back, forward etc.
Test instructions
Plan a sequence

In comparison with Turtle and Beebot it is not as hands on or stimulating. There is a story to follow and the activities link with the story, which puts the sequencing in context, however it cannot be fitted into cross curricular links.
However, it does record individual progress for each pupil and their success at each a
activity and the teacher can set differentiated levels for pupils.

Is a stand alone activity although directional instructions could link in with maths or geography lesson


Mainly individual or paired activity, depending on number of pupils at the computer.

Classroom implications: would need individual pupils to record using the system on the software. Some pupils would need support with the reading content of the story.
SEN : Can be differentiated by pupil controls.

Strongest Features: Adventure story setting, colourful animation with robotic character which might appeal to pupils, particularly boys.

I would not recommend this software, would rather pupils used a hands on robot to program which integrates with other curriculum areas.

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