Thursday, 20 September 2007

Clicker Phonics

Clicker Phonics

Main learning objectives:

Teaches Phonic awareness

Red Level – discriminating between environmental sounds

Yellow Level – Id patterns in words – Develop awareness of sounds within words

Blue Level – Systematic synthetic phonic word.

Compare to alternatives – Goes above and beyond clicker, Jolly Phonics and Ruth Mishkin

Integration – Literacy, Music, ICT - KUW

Potential for group work / collaboration – High group work possible for all activities. Could be used individually or whole class.

Implications for class use – Need good speaker and microphones. Check works before use with class/groups

SEN issues – Use with Clicker 5 For use with any child with reading difficulties

Strong features – very visual, links to new letters and sound.

Summary - Great ticks a lot of boxes in terms of phonic provison and activities.

Hardware – Needs Clicker 5, Win 98, Mac OSX

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