Thursday, 20 September 2007

2Simulate evaluation

Title: 2Simulate

Publisher: 2Simple

Supplier: 2Simple Software Ltd

Age Group Suitability

Year 2:
Unit 1 Narrative Stories with familiar settings

Year 3:
Unit 1 Reports
Unit 1 Narrative Stories with familiar settings
Unit 5 Narrative Plays

Year 4:
Narrative, Issues, Dilemmas & plays
Non-fiction Unit 1 Recounts and Reports
Unit 2 Narrative Set in Imaginary Worlds

Year 5:
Unit 3 Persuasion
Unit 2 Recounts

Year 6:
Unit 3 Arguments
Non-fiction Unit 2 Journalistic Writing

Integration with other areas of Curriculum


No reference to SEN support materials or differentiation.

Better used for whole class and group work using the interactive whiteboard or the pc.

Good sound and images.

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