Thursday, 20 September 2007

At The Cafe

Application Review
By Daniel & Wendy
20th September 2007

At The Café – Granada Learning–

· CD
· Guide – Covers installation, planning grids & credits
· Support Material - Large book of copyright-free sheets

1. Objectives
· Extend role-play
o Offer choices from food/drink menu
o Develop scope for conversation in different roles
o Encourage expression of preferences
· Draw-out mathematical language
· Support understanding of money (totalling bills)

2. Comparison with other software
a. Clear and concise
b. Many set-up options for personalisation

3. Integration
a. Numeracy development – Money
b. Printed Receipt to extend exploration

4. Collaboration
a. Making menu choices

5. Implications
a. To be run next to role-play area where actual items can be manipulated

6. Underlying Values
a. Food choices limited to ‘western’ menu options
b. Healthy food options available

7. SEN
a. Support would be required to understand coins

8. Strengths
a. Clarity
b. Sound effects & animations
c. Planning grids enable integration into existing schemes
d. Teacher support material

9. Summary

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