Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A new year and a new focus: introducing the ICT-RMC

Our blog template has been refreshed and geared up ready to go for 2013. This year we will be journeying through the Redbridge Management Calendar (ICT-RMC). The Redbridge ICT team has reviewed and analysed all the possible ICT management activities that schools are likely to need to do in any given year. Rather than producing one very long list of management tasks we have sorted all these activities into the calendar months when that activity should be actioned. What's even better news is not one month has more than 3 management tasks! If you work in a UK primary or secondary school and you are involved in ICT leadership just follow along and be inspired to action as each post is published – what could be easier than that?

If you are an ICT Coordinator, Director of eLearning, or ICT Subject Leader please join us on this journey this year - on twitter, via this blog or within the Redbridge ICT Fronter page. Pick up some ideas on what you could be thinking about during the course of the year and comment back on what works in your setting, what doesn’t work and even what we've missed out. You can always get in touch with us directly to find out more.
Alex Rees, @alxr1

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