Friday, 6 May 2011

ICT Mark changes - a summary

Firstly - it's definitely still here which is great news. For those who don't know ICT Mark has become the benchmark for schools to review their ICT management against looking at the 6 key elements of:

  1. Leadership and management

  2. Planning

  3. Learning

  4. Assessment

  5. Professional development

  6. Resources

The self-review framework website, and the assessment process, were both part of Becta's work - with the management of this contracted to Naace. Since Becta has left the stage it has been confirmed that the ICT Mark will now be endorsed by the Department for Education. A recent email to schools from Naace includes the phrase "Naace is delighted to announce that it has received a concession from the Department for Education to continue to administer and quality assure the ICT Mark for Schools". This means that the transfer process is incredibly seemless.

There are a few changes, however, which are worth highlighting.

  • The cost of initial assessment has changed to three bands £400, £550 and £650 depending on the size of the school.

  • From 1st June 2011 a method will be put in place for some schools to renew the ICT Mark by conducting a remote assessment. This should reduce the cost for renewing schools and can be used up to 6 months after the expiry date. It looks like to be eligible for this remote assessment the school will need to evidence that they have continued the self-review process and have documented progress on the identified areas of improvement.

  • Schools who have prepared for ICT Mark renewal with support from a Licensed ICT Mark consultant will result in a reduction in fees depending on the report the consultant passes on to NAACE.

  • The ICT Mark has long been the benchmark of good practice. Naace are developing a further accreditation stage for schools who demonstrate excellent practice.
Details concerning all these changes are available on the ICT Mark pages on the Naace website.
Redbridge has an Intermediary Model arrangement enabling assessments to be done at significantly lower prices. If you are in a Redbridge maintained school please get in touch to find out how you could benefit from this.

Alex Rees

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