Thursday, 23 September 2010

Home Access ICT Grant - Thanks a million!

This government grant was designed for families with students studying at KS2 and KS3 who did not have access to ICT at home. Each family could apply for a computer and a year's worth of internet connectivity fully paid for by the Home Access Grant scheme. Many of our schools were very proactive in ensuring their students who were eligible put in strong applications.

Across Redbridge we supported 2080 successful applications across 67 schools. In addition Social Services and the Children Looked After Support Service made a further 30 successful applications on behalf of foster carers.

Given that each grant was worth £528 the success of this project is equivalent to an amazing £1,114,080 additional ICT funding to support students studying in Redbridge.

Well done all those of you who supported this project. The impact of this project is already being seen by the teachers who work with these students, but it will only become truly measurable as these students reach the end of KS4 and start taking public exams. Let us wait with hope to see what a £1m seed into the collective futures of Redbridge children will grow into.

Alex Rees

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