Monday, 30 August 2010

Attend a 30min Fronter Webinar

Fronter are putting on some free webinars over the next few weeks.

08/09/2010 - How to...create a test
14/09/2010 - How to ...create hand-ins
15/09/2010 - How to ...use the new ILP
22/09/2010 - How to...use the new Goal Tool
29/09/2010 - How to....use Fronter and Elluminate for learning games and competitions

06/10/2010 - How to....use Creaza for shared multimedia projects
13/10/2010 - How effective Fronter forums
20/10/2010 - How to....use Fronter and Elluminate for creative writing projects

They take a bite-sized 30 minutes of your time for a Fronter trainer to take you through some of the Fronter tools online and after school. For more information click here.

Alex Rees

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