Wednesday, 14 April 2010

How many ICT marked schools in Redbridge?

The Self-Review Framework is getting upgraded! This framework is the standard in the UK for schools to meet to demonstrate that ICT is well managed with clear vision and the appropriate systems and processes in place to ensure it continues to be so.

Since the launch of the Next Generation Learning Charter there have been 4 levels schools can achieve using the SRF tool. The framework is designed not just to be an accreditation scheme, but a school improvement tool allowing staff to assess the school's current performance against national standards and then using guidance to move up through the levels.

Most schools will use the ICT Mark Accredited level as a long term goal - looking to achieve that within 2-3 years of using the tool. Many schools like the opportunity to be "Recognised" for their progress and this is a realistic aim after 1 academic year.

In Redbridge we have many schools that are committed to ICT. From a borough perspective we are able to offer specific support and consultancy to help schools work through this process and move to the next level. The map on the left is available publicly on the Next Generation Learning website.

The changes that Becta are implementing on the SRF come after a period of review and the impact that schools should see will include principally:

· a reduction in the number of elements, strands and aspects
· a more streamlined look and feel based on feedback from colleagues in schools
· an automatic migration of previous data you have entered to the revised framework.

As a borough we believe that this framework is an excellent way to ensure that your school is using and applying ICT in the most sustainable, most cost-effective and most cohesive way. We are happy to work with any Redbridge schools to support this journey up through the Next Generation Learning charter levels.

If you are not currently featured on the map and would like to be, or if you would like further support, please get in touch.

Alex Rees

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