Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Free local Becta events: Engaging parents through the use of ICT

Find out what leading secondary and primary schools are doing now to engage parents through online reporting. Parents have a bigger impact on their children's learning than schools or technology, which is why all schools have been expected to exploit ICT to improve parental engagement since June 2008. There are clear expectations for online reporting in secondary schools for September 2010 and primary schools for 2012.

Primary focus:
Secondary focus:
These events, led by Becta directly, are for primary and secondary schools interested in learning more about how ICT currently available in schools can be exploited to work in partnership with parents and improve parental engagement in their children's learning.

As well as hearing from advocate schools, you will talk with them, share experiences and see practice in action. These are practical, pragmatic and engaging events to equip you to do even more in your school and to encourage and support peers in your own area.

Please note that these events are free of charge to school leaders and staff.

Alex Rees

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