Friday, 30 April 2010

Home Access - Latest Information 05

32% of the eligible students in Redbridge have received free computers and interent connections on this scheme. This equates to 1331 families who now have access to ICT who didn't before. I actually have these stats broken down by school so please, as per the last update, if you would like your school's exact figure (which you can then compare against your FSM KS2 and KS3 numbers) please get in touch.

When this grant was launched it was said that funds were set aside to support 270,000 grants. Nationwide 153,651 grants have been successfull. If both these figures are true then 57% of the funds have been allocated. This suggests that Redbridge students are at real risk of not getting their applications through on time. Of course, the figures upon which this calculation is based may well change (especially in the current political climate) but it is still relevant to remind your students again of how to take advantage of this scheme.

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Alex Rees

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