Thursday, 8 November 2007

Subject Leader Support Documents

We unfortunately had to cancel the recent course for New Subject Leaders. If you are a new subject leader and you are looking for helpful support documents, you can get updates and network with others at our regular Subject Leaders Meeting. The next event is of course on the5th of December @ the Teachers Centre. Visit RedbridgePDC to book your place on this popular event.

Alongside the updates given @ the Subject Leaders events and on this (and related) blogs, I would recomend joining NAACE, the professional association for all those involved in ICT education. They produce regular weekly newsletters, hold regualr conferences and also provide members with discussion forums. Naace also help to shape ICT education policy, by compiling position papers for government advisers.Teachers and institutions can join NAACE by visiting their website.

A good publication for new ICT coordinators, is Implementing ICT, which though published in 2004, has relevant articles and advice for coordinators. It can be viewed and downloaded here.

A further helpful source of support is of course the LGFL and for anyone putting together Esafety documentation, then their safety section is brilliant, as it contains lesson planning ideas, policy chunk templates and posters.

I must also mention a good book that came out a few months ago by James Wright.'The Primary ICT and E-Learning Coordinator's Manual' is a great book that makes the coordinators tasks more manageable by giving a list of tasks to complete throughout each term. There is some good advice in this book, set out in the format of email conversations between coordinators and an ICT advisor, giving answers to some very common questions.

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