Thursday, 29 November 2007

Comic Life

Comic life is a wonderful new title from Plasq. It is a very simple comis strip creator which features a selection of comic strip layouts into which you simply drag and drop your images, speach or thought bubbles, action signs and text. A really simple interface and so quick to create a final product.

I love the fact that the title is available for free 30 day trail download.
This allowed me to show it to my staff really quickly at the end of a recent staff meeting. There were wowed and were quick to ask for a school wide purchase. Combine this with a reasonable price ( 25 seat license from £102.26 and 50 seat licence from £153.64 )- Top up licenses are also avaiable very reasonably to make up to the amount of licenses required in school.

We rolled out the software across the school yesterday and I will keep you up to date with our progress.


  1. Sandra I was going to talk about this next week, but you may have signed yourself up to a spring workshop by being an experienced user !!

    Cheers for updating the blog!!

  2. I showed it in our Inset today at Fairlop as a result of looking at this blog! All staff seemed really keen to have a go at using it.
    Thanks Nicky