Wednesday, 7 November 2007

SMART vs Activ Again

I am not going to polarise the SMART vs ACTIV debate. I think they both do a good job, when facilitated by a good teacher,particularly this teachers who are keen to innovate with the board and move beyond annotation.

But there are two (of many) good features of Activ-Primary 3

The first is the opportunity to turn an object into a container, with attributes. So that if I add an object a positive or negative reward sound will play. So, I can make simple sorting activities as below.

The most exciting tool in Activ Primary 3 though is the Flip chart Builder. This would save lots of time as it enables the teacher to pull together pages from a range of locations to create a new flip chart. The templates will cut down the time it takes to create pages,while the tool also allows the user to import pages form other flip charts. This cuts down the searching , cutting and pasting. A bit like the slide sorter view in Powerpoint (but souped up)

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