Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Could you be Lead Fronter Primary School 2010-11? (Funding available)

We are looking to expressions of interest from Redbridge schools to be the lead Fronter primary school 2010/11. The successful school will currently be demonstrating strong practice within their own organisation and be confident supporting other primary schools in building their own practice. This role was expanded last year to include a day a week of funded time for your MLE project leader / ICT Coordinator to support the activities listed below.

As the Primary lead school for Fronter you would:
  • Demonstrate and disseminate good practice within your own school
  • Hosting 2 termly after-school cluster meetings for other Redbridge primary schools to enable the sharing of good practice
  • Issuing half termly update communications supporting schools on the implementation journey
  • Managing an MLE room to enable sharing of good practice
  • Represent Redbridge schools' views at the annual Fronter regional forum
As a associate consultant:
  • Guided by the LA contact individual schools to discuss support requirements
  • Training groups of staff in schools as required
  • Supporting other schools strategically providing models of ensuring good practice is developed across the school, exploring how they could work in context.
  • Supporting other schools tactically guiding decisions on how certain educational benefits can be effectively achieved on the Fronter MLE system (e.g. sharing school calendars, gifted and talented collaboration, literacy enhancement, etc.)
(funding for guaranteed until Easter 2011)

Previous lead schools have been:
  • 08/09 Lead school HIghlands Primary
  • 09/10 Lead school Redbridge Primary

If you are interested in this role please contact Alex Rees by 24th May to discuss it further.

Alex Rees

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