Monday, 10 May 2010

Book now: Redbridge Technical Forum 03 - Thursday 27th May

“Switched on and networked for learning.”

This conference is the third in a series of events set up for technical staff supporting and administrating the computer systems within Redbridge primary and secondary schools. The programme is designed to ensure that whatever previous experience you have – whether as an expert systems engineer or as someone completely new to the role – you will find the RTF of real value with relevant information and fresh ideas you can apply easily within your own school.

This term there is a definite hands-on feel to the day. The morning will be a mix of best practice sessions, LA news and Hardware presentations with suppliers bringing in a range of their latest greatest education friendly kit. The afternoon will include the popular 'In my school' slot followed by some really practical FREE tools that you take back to your school to have a positive impact almost immediately.

Registration will be at 9am for a 9:30am start, and the event will close at 3:30pm. To book a place at the Redbridge Technicians' Forum 03 please go to and search for "Redbridge Technicians".

Alex Rees

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