Thursday, 7 January 2010

Home Access Grant - latest information

The scheme will be formally launched, as suspected, at the BETT ICT education exhibition in London next week.

Key information that has been released to date:
  • Capita have been awarded the contract to deliver the grant administration service which includes marketing activity. Marketing activity will start at BETT on 13 January and will utilise local papers, radio, poster sites and local events.
  • It is now possible for schools to sign up to access marketing information for use with your school community at
  • It is now possible for parents to ring 0333 200 1004 to request an application form. The detail of the criteria for applicaton is available on . Obviously if their family currently does not have a computer they will be unable to access this link. You may wish to copy the information on this webpage into your own newsletter, or into a mail shot targetted towards the families who may benefit.
  • The following companies are approved suppliers and therefore they have all got dedicated sections of their own websites relating to the homeaccess project. You may wish to peruse these if you wish to recommend for educational reasons a particular device or to find your nearest outlet to direct parents to. Each company has in brackets the retail outlets they will use for parents to go to to 'purchase' their computer.

    Bli Education -
    Centerprise (3 mobile, Phones4U, Apollo, Hughes, Brighthouse, Retra) -
    Comet -
    Misco -
    Positive IT Solutions (Cartridge World) -
    XMA (T-mobile) -

Should you need further information that is not available using the links listed above please do not hesitate to get in touch. We do have a sample application form that can be emailed to Redbridge Schools' Home Access Grant coordinators on request.

Alex Rees

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