Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Book now: Redbridge Technical Forum 02 - Thursday 11th February

“Switched on and networked for learning.”

This conference is the second in a series of events set up for technical staff supporting and administrating the computer systems within Redbridge primary and secondary schools. The programme is designed to ensure that whatever previous experience you have – whether as an expert systems engineer or as someone completely new to the role – you will find the RTF of real value with relevant information and fresh ideas you can apply easily within your own school.

Thursday 11th February 2010
Redbridge Teachers’ Centre

Coffee & Registration

1. Hardware trouble-shooting
Some practical help with some real issues that are being encountered daily within our schools.
2. LA news
An update as to the ways the LA is currently supporting the work in schools, plus some featured LGFL services available in London.
3. Best practice
Using the current best practice guidance mixed with practical experience-driven common sense to give you a clear idea of how to replicate best practice in your school.


4. In my school…
A case study of experiences from a colleague’s school. The obstacles, the solutions, the bit where everyone is smiling in the end!
5. New technologies
A series of short presentations on the latest technologies schools in Redbridge are considering and the issues surrounding them.

Close with Q & A

Booking can be completed online at http://www.redbridgepdc.org.uk/ or by emailing tina.pennells@redbridge.gov.uk.

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