Tuesday, 15 December 2009

News! 2simple feedback! Up and coming products!

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited to the 2simple advisors day in Hendon. It was a great day and we where show some great new products. I was also there to see Anthony in his new role.

Below are a number of videos of the day, but the highlights where:

2simple online tools along with 2lasso.
a new version of 2investigate that is online.
2? (it doesn’t have a name) – an amazing new version of 2create a story, but that is selling it short. Watch the videos and you’ll see.
more on Augmented reality in online tools and 2?
2assess case study feedback.
2start English – a new EAL programme for new speakers.

Introduction from Max - Online Tools.

Online Collaboration and 2assess - lead by a familar face ;o)

2? - New 2simple software

My thoughts and feedback.

The online tools look great and are worth considering for both key stage 1 and 2. they give children home access to a number of 2simple great software, including 2design and make which is very nice. 2lasso is an answer to issue with Fronter school within the LGFL network. That’s us in Redbridge sadly, but 2lasso is a really nice work around that has some bonus features that if you access other ways you don’t have.

2? is simply amazing – there are some examples below that Max gave me. Keep your eyes peeled for this at Bett. Children can make stories, but add moving and animation to them in such a simple and effective way.

2investigate online? is a really nice collaborative programme that all for data collection. Click this link to check it out. Click open and choose Samples or Collaborative.

The Augmented Reality plugins are really cool, children will love them. Check out the video to see those highlights.

2start English looks to be a excellent EAL resource. Its due some time in the 2nd quarter of 2010. It is a programme that takes new English speaker though what school is like and the basic language around that. Its looks great and a number of EAL children have had input into this to make it as relevant as possible.

Examples from 2? - Just look what is possible!!

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