Wednesday, 16 December 2009

BETT Awards - who do you think should win?

BETT always run their own awards for ICT in schools and it's alway useful to see who are on the short list. The full listings are available but it is good to see companies who do a lot of work in Redbridge schools being recognised on this stage. If you are thinking about where to spend your ICT budget then it may be worth looking at listings like this to work out who the industry trusts.

The categories are:
  • Early years Solutions
  • Primary Digital Content (with beebot material listed)
  • Secondary, FE & Skills Digital Content
  • Digital Collections and resource banks
  • Leadership & Management solutions
  • Special Educational needs Solutions
  • Tools for Learning and Teaching (with our friends at 2simple, LGFL's j2e and Fronter's partner Creaza all getting a nomination)
  • Digital Devices
  • ICT Exporter of the Year 2010 (Education City are nominated here)
  • ICT Service and Support Award 2010 (Joskos are nominated here)
  • ICT Education Partnership Award 2010
  • ICT Company of the Year 2010 (Education City are nominated again here)
If you get a moment to look at the full listings feel free to comment on any favourite suppliers that you have worked with. If you are not yet booked to visit BETT then it is well worth the visit to see the ICT education landscape and you can book for free at Be warned - you should be prepared to be given many branded freebies and to be enitrely worn out after a day of presentations and discussions with potential suppliers.

Alex Rees

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