Monday, 2 November 2009

There’ll be Fireworks this week

Many of you will be looking at the story of Guy Fawkes this week and drilling children on the firework code. Those good people at Brainpop UK have come up with a great movie to help children get to grips with the origins of ‘The Fifth of November’ and all that.

Click on the link below to watch and then use the video and accompanying quiz


I am sure many of you will also be creating Firework pictures too. things have come along way since the time I was taught to cover paper with coloured and then black crayons, before scratching out firework patterns with a compass. Tools like 2Paint a Picture and others allow children to try out, undo, redo and save a wide variety of tools and possibilities.

I thought it would be fun to have a just for fun (and a small prize) competition between now and subject leaders on Friday to see who can come up with the best Firework picture, using 2Paint a Picture. It could be all your own work, or even better that of a child in your class, email your efforts to me and I’ll post them up somewhere for some online voting action.


Here was my effort last year


And these have just been twittered to me by Bev Evans who runs the excellent Communication for All Website. Here class made these today:

fireworks bev

catherine wheels

Catherine Wheel

Can you do any better?

Email, Facebook or Twitter me your examples

At the LGFL Conference


I attended the LGFL primary conference today and it was good to see several Redbridge  schools there too. Notably Lynn from Redbridge Primary presented on the podcasting work that the school had done and Alison and Lesley from Parkhill Junior picked up an award for all their video conferencing greatness.  Schools from across London shared models of implementation of the London MLE.

I visited several seminars and was particularly inspired by Anson Primary School from Brent and their work on Esafety and Betsy Bee the school's ICT Mascot.  They shared a guest logon for their school MLE building for us to share with schools.  ( Username apsvisitor Password anson).  


Dan lea from Gearies infants is the Next Generation Learning award winner for the whole of the UK. If you have not met him, then you will this Friday at Subject Leaders. You might like to read my blog entry about him and why he deserves the award.

See you on Friday or on Facebook before then

Fronter Training Dates

We have finally published our catalogue for Fronter Training – please read through the catalogue carefully and take account of the content and cost. You can download the catalogue from here



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