Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Teach IT

During Subject Leaders last week we showed you TEACH IT, a folder of bang up to date teaching materials that encompass many of the tools and innovations we’ve been showcasing over the last 18 months in Redbridge.

Louise from DOBE education gave an illuminating presentation on ICT Excellence and Eduvation. We have included her presentation below, along with some information on how you can get hold of the materials.

Who are DO-BE

We are a company based in Fife, Scotland with a passion for helping students and staff to do and be the best they can. 

We are working in 500 schools in the UK and have recently worked with Anthony Evans at Redbridge council to provide 5 schools in the authority with our latest product Teach-It.

The Teach-It is a new classroom resource which is packed with innovative ideas for applying new technologies, websites and applications to different learning contexts to support cross-curricular learning and promote/enhance enterprising learning and teaching. 

The lesson ideas are jargon free, fun and inspirational, and have been designed in such a way that they can be followed step-by-step by teachers (even complete technophobes!) and learners. 

Lessons Ideas cover:

Google Earth

Digital Imaging

MP3/4 Technology

Podcasting and Video

Games Based Learning

The Internet

If you liked what you saw last week you can contact Louise at the DO-BE offices or on  01383 829969


  1. anjum- cleveland junior11 November 2009 at 16:28

    this was an excellent presentation, really fun and full of useful ideas :)

  2. Thanks Anjum

    Really enjoyed meeting you all. Met some really innovative teachers doing some really cool stuff :0)

    Please stay in touch via our blog

    Take care,