Friday, 23 May 2008

Space Centre Emission

This is a reminder post about the June Space Centre Video Conference or Emission

My Records show the following schools and their designated places for week commencing 30th of June

If your school is featured and you have not booked a place on the pre Emission training afternoon, please do so as soon as possible.
(see redbridgepdc for details)

Monday 30th June am Alison Seagrave Parkhill Junior

Monday 30th June pm Gill Webb Chadwell

Tuesday 1st July am Mike Lane Woodlands Junior

Tuesday 1st July pm Nicholas Hughes Nightingale Primary

Wednesday 2nd July am Wendy Mears CoppicePrimary

Wednesday 2nd July pm Nicky Palmer FairlopPrimary School

Thursday 3rd July am vacant

Thursday 3rd July pm David Roca-Mas St Augustines

Friday 4th July am Cassim Bana Aldersbrook

Friday 4th July pm Nadine Weiderman Barley Lane

If I have messed up your time slot or missed you out altogether- please let me know.

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