Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Flickr Slideshows Again

Yesterday I posted about a tool that allows you to embed a slide show of Flickr images (Pictobrowser), though this is a great tool which gives a nice clean display, it did not allow me to create a show of images based on a group or tag. Now I have found a slideshow tool that allows me to create a show based on either a user, group or tag. This has allowed me to embed a slide show on the Teachmeet site based on the tag teachmeetnel. Great!!

The slide show below is a display of all the images from the London borough of Redbridge Pool and was easy to embed, once you found the group id. Instructions for which are given on the Flickr Slide show Generator website. but if you miss them you need to:

Go to the group you want to get pictures from -
click on post new topic -
the url will end with a long code like this 38113494@N00
copy this part of the url and paste into the group id box of
Flickr Slideshow Generator
Copy the code and paste onto your site/blog

The London Borough of Redbridge Flickr Pool - enjoy

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