Monday, 1 October 2007


Many of you have begun to Podcast, (or at leats to think about it anyway). As a London school you are fortunate to have your Podcasts hosted for free on the LGFL., you can visit for free London hosting today.

Before uploading your first Podcast, you will need to login and create a channel, and for this you may need an atom wide account. If you don't have an atomwide account then email Anthony or (for a quicker response Gary Jelks). If all this sounds a little confusing, then don't worry a handy guide has been produced by the LGFL, this can be found in the box widget at the sidebar of this blog, or by clicking here.

To visit a school that has already begun to podcast, you can look @ Parkhill Juniors here, while the Redbridge Podcasting has started a blog to record their work over the coming year, click here for that. John Wix has also been busy with some of his children and the DJ Fanz podcast can be found here

If you have any difficulty listening to any of these pods, then please leave a comment.

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