Saturday, 27 October 2007

New 1/2 Term and Fireworks

I am sure you can do better than my effort above

Welcome back after another very short holiday. I know this is perhaps the busiest time in the school year with Diwali, Sukkoth, Halloween, Firework night and eventually Christmas on the Horizon.

There has been some frenzied blogging and comments over on the subject leaders blog about firework pictures. Look at the More Fireworks post and related comments, there you will find examples of firework pictures, thankfully note all of these have been done in a 2Simple package!! Dan from Hatton has left a comment with a link to an on-screen firwork generator. Unlike some of the Firework screen savers on the download scene, this one operates by mouse movements and comes with effective firework bangs. Fireworks and the festivals that use them provide some great contexts for learning with ICT. If you are doing any work with fireworks this week or in the coming weeks, please do share. Even a simple picture done by someone in your class will serve as an inspiration or challenge to another Redbridge teacher or other reader of this blog

Have you seen Val's post by the way- check it out below

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