Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Switched on and Networked for Learning

The ICT Subject Leaders have been meeting and working together in Redbridge longer than I can remember.  The Redbridge Technicians' Forum is a much younger community - starting just 4 years ago.  Yesterday the two communities spent the day together...and they seem to have liked it!

The ICT community in Redbridge enjoyed a wide range of talks from companies such as Dell, Joskos Solutions, Computertalk and Spiceworks.  Delegates also got the opportunity to meet and engage with colleagues from the LA, the LGFL and Atomwide and to hear all about the latest online services available.  Mobile devices were a hot topic with workshops on iPad deployment, Windows 8 devices and a range of primary Apps discussed.  Most importantly everyone got the opportunity to network and meet colleagues from other local schools, many of whom are doing innovative things: Computing and Laptops and iPads and Learning Platforms and Games Based Learning and Touch Screens and Video Conferencing and... 

Many schools are engaged in networking activities with each other outside these termly meetings.  To find out more about these clusters please feel free to follow the following links:
It appeared they had a lot to talk about!  If you were there and would like to reflect on your day you are welcome to comment.  Any resources / presentations used during the day are in the Fronter room for Redbridge schools to access.
Alex Rees, @alxr1

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  1. If you want a summary of my talk on iPads it is here