Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Education City offer for Redbridge

Following an opt-in scheme arranged in Autumn 2008 the London Borough of Redbridge currently holds a licence for 38 schools to have access to the Education City online content. Information about the product is available at The current licence arrangement is due to expire for the majority of these schools December 2010.

We are aware that many Redbridge schools make extensive use of this product and are confident that it is making a significant difference to the educational experiences they are providing for their students. It is not our policy to promote individual ICT products. However an educational demand has clearly been demonstrated for this product and the Borough has therefore negotiated an arrangement to the benefit of the schools.

If you would like details of this arrangement please email me directly. I will only be able to provide the offer details to known Redbridge schools' ICT contacts or your school's Headteacher.

Alex Rees

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